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ONE of the leading Swimming Clubs in SE Essex

The Club’s history

Rochford and District Swimming Club (RADS) was founded in 1978 at the request of Rochford District Council with the purpose of developing sport in the district.

Its inception was largely brought about by the completion of the Clements Hall swimming pool, which at the time boasted the only eight-lane 25 metre pool in Essex. This eventually grew into the magnificent leisure centre we know today.

The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Clements Hall throughout the whole year, the only exception being over the Christmas period.

The benefits of joining a swimming club

Joining a Swimming Club can be beneficial in a number of different ways. Not only will it help to improve your confidence and skills in the water it will also help to improve and maintain your overall level of physical fitness.



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Where is our home pool?

What day(s) do we meet?

Guide to Safeguarding Children

Can I take photos or videos at meetings?.

What do I do if my child is being bullied?

What are training times?

How much are the Training Fees

More about the different Squads in RADS

Our Guide to Galas

How do we Email the Club?

Who are RADS Coaching Staff?

What do I pack in my bag for training?

Pools Training Times


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Our members travel to a number of Pools in the Essex area for Competitions and Galas.

If a Pool Venue is mentioned in the forthcoming Competitions etc we will provide you with details and location of the Pool, so when that time comes, select the arrow to get the information..


      The benefits of joining a swim team at an early age will last a lifetime. Besides the comfort of knowing that your little angel will be okay when he or she goes over to a friend’s house who happens to have a pool in the backyard, there are numerous other advantages.

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Notice Board

The Notice Board is where we keep you informed about what is going on and any important dates to put in your diary.