Advice for New Swimmers

What to pack in your bag

Each time you come swimming there are items that you should always bring. Always bring to training: trunks/costume;goggles (plus a spare pair); towel; club swim hat and; a drink.
If attending competitions you should also bring (additional to above) an extra towel and a club T-bag shirt. Additionally, arriving at an event in a club tracksuit gives the club a great visual presence. It is also a good idea to bring a bin liner to put your bag in, as poolsides are often extremely wet places with so many swimmers in one area.
Sometimes you might need other items for training and these can include: hand paddles; kick fins; old t-shirt. You might also want your own kick board and pull buoy.
Never eat or bring food onto poolside on training nights.

Swimming pool changing areas

Swimmers must stay in the changing areas until fully dressed. They are not permitted to wander round the rest of the centre in swimsuits, especially after swimming, as this can make the floors wet. Swimmers are NOT permitted to shower in the cleansing area leading to the pool.

New Member Pack

An excellent resource for all RADS swimmers is the New Member Pack which is available below.
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