Open Galas

On the noticeboard and in this section of the website, RADS will update information about open galas held by other clubs and ASA county, regional & national chamipionships. Swimmers must be aged 9 years and over to enter an open gala and must also be registered as an ASA Category 2 member. When swimmers enter their first gala, the club will automatically update the ASA catagory of that member. The gala details posted on the noticeboard & website will indicate which level of swimmers are best suited to enter these events. An open gala entry form needs to be completed and handed at the RADS desk before the RADS closing date, which is usually before the event closing date to ensure we can submit the entries in time. Any entry fees should be handed in with your entry form.

Open gala competitions are often run in different ways. The most common formats are heats/finals and HDW (Heat Declared Winner). In heats/finals, normally the six fastest swimmers from an event are placed in a final to determine medal positions. In HDW events, there is no final and the winners are those that have swum the fastest times.
It is a good idea for swimmers and parents to keep a record of their times after each gala as this helps you to see how your times are improving. The ASA maintains a ranking database for all its members. This database is available on their website and holds details of all swimmers’ times achieved at licensed galas.

RADS are entering swimmers for the following open galas. If you are interested, please check out the various information below and guidelines to the recommended level of ability required for those wishing to participate.
Entries should be handed in to the RADS desk using the entry form, which can be printed from this website, or picked up from the RADS noticeboard.
Gala Date Venue Closing Date Recomended for More Info