There was recently an incident in the changing rooms at Clements Hall Leisure Centre and as result the police were called. The incident occurred during public pool time and centre staff dealt with it. At this time I'm informed the matter is under investigation and exactly what happened hasn't been clarified. 

As has always been the case at RADS, the welfare of the children and members has always been of paramount importance. Whilst members should not worry please be vigilant and if you're unhappy with the way somebody is behaving in and around the changing rooms please approach and speak to an appropriate person. An appropriate person in this instance will be a RADS coaching or committee member, a known parent or a Clements Hall staff member.   

In any case a member of the coaching staff should be made aware and they will decide the course of action to be taken, for example advise staff, the RADS Welfare Officer or police.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Andy Beckett 

RADS Welfare Officer