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Our members travel to a number of Pools in the Essex area for Competitions and Galas.

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      The benefits of joining a swim team at an early age will last a lifetime. Besides the comfort of knowing that your little angel will be okay when he or she goes over to a friend’s house who happens to have a pool in the backyard, there are numerous other advantages.


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Important Information for RETURN TO TRAINING

20th July, 2021

RADS Annual Membership Renewal 2021

Normally at this time of year I would be advising that the Swim England membership payment is due. We have been advised by Swim England that the annual membership fee has remained unchanged for both Category 1 and 2 swimmers.

The RADS committee have voted to change the way we charge membership fees and in recognition that this has been an extremely challenging year for all members we have decided to pay the fee on behalf of our members.

To explain how we plan to make this financially viable for the club we will be taking the following steps:

We will be making all members a category 1 swimmer (non-competitive) in January, this is in recognition that there are no competitions for the foreseeable future and the category 1 charge from Swim England is lower than a category 2 charge.

When we resume our normal RADS timetable and we are able to compete again we will make members category 2 (competitive) for those that need to be. We will also be reviewing our fee structure at this time and the current proposal will be to split the annual membership fee across the year and add a small amount on to the monthly training fees.

To ensure the club is not paying more than it needs to we ask that you complete this survey so we can see who plans to return in 2021 and who does not. Please select the button below, complete the form and submit it to us.

The RADS Committee

Membership Confirmation

Download details of the CARDIO CHALLENGE

Cardio Challenge.pdf

We have a few updates for you.

As of July 19th, morning training sessions will be back to our normal time of 5:30am to 7am. This, at the moment, is the only change in our times, all other sessions will remain as they are for the time being. With restrictions being lifted we have more capacity in the pool, If anyone is still waiting to return to RADS please contact me.

In the morning sessions we will still be using the pool side fire door exit, evening sessions you will now come in via the main entrance. Changing rooms are now available before and after sessions, no need to come swim ready. Showers are also available.

At the moment we are still awaiting confirmation from Clements Hall on having spectators back on poolside but you can watch from the cafe if you wish.

We will be reopening the RADS shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6.45pm to 8pm, from July 20th.

We are still in discussions with Fusion and keep pressing them to get our normal session times reinstated but this is proving to be rather hard, we will update you further when we have more information.

The wearing of face masks in the Centre will now be a matter of personal choice.