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APRIL 2022 Swimmer of Month:

Hello #teamrads. Swimmer of the month has been  decided.

This person has only  been back swimming for a few months after having her leg broken to re-align her bone structure.

She was on crutches for ten weeks and didn't walk properly for 14 weeks.

She is still having physio and has pain from time to time but still soldiers on with a smile on her face.

She has swam for the club in recent galas and to top it off she has moved up a grade this month.

Congratulations ……………

Ivy Parsons

April 2022 Grading/Assessment:-

The assessments have been completed for the month of April and the following swimmers have passed their grade and moving up next week.

Small pool/First steps

Billy Noble

Cara Lindsay

Scarlets Oxley

Grade 2

Shaun Jefferies

Grade 3

Ivy Parsons

Elisha Bright

Well done to all the swimmers above and you can now start in your new lane!

Don’t forget to pick up your well earned Certificate.

Grade 4

Fisher Lynch

Amelia Benstead

Jacob Keig

Grade 7/8

Calen Lindsay

George Gibson

Curtis Grigg