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Our Club

The club has a large membership and runs a constructive teaching programme for all ages from five to adults.

RADS is primarily a competitive club and has enjoyed success in various leagues and in open events.

The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Clements Hall throughout the whole year, the only exception being over the Christmas period.

Assessment sessions are held during the second week of every month on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm.




Benefits of Joining a Swimming Club

Joining a Swimming Club can be beneficial in a number of different ways. Not only will it help to improve your confidence and skills in the water it will also help to improve and maintain your overall level of physical fitness.

Swimming in a Club can help develop important life skills. Training sessions require commitment, discipline and organisation – all useful life skills. If you decide to compete then learning to win and to lose is also a valuable lesson for life.  Setting personal goals and achieving your personal best times encourages motivation and can be very rewarding.

The social side of swimming is great too. You will be able to meet people who share a common interest, build new friendships and enjoy being part of a team.

There is an annual membership fee as well as monthly training fees. It is important to read the Club notice board regularly for news about competitions as well as social events.

Swimmers are expected to compete when selected by the Club’s coaching staff.

The Club is able to supply a selection of club merchandise.Hats, poolside T-bag shirts and holdalls and tracksuits re available from the desk.

An annual Club membership fee (individual or family) is payable in January. Club membership includes ASA registration (Category 1 non-competitive and Category 2 competitive as appropriate) and insurance. A copy of the Club’s insurance certificate is displayed on the notice board.

Like most other swimming clubs RADS is run and managed by volunteers, members and parents who give their own time in a variety of roles to ensure that the Club runs smoothly and continues to meet its legal obligations and its obligations to the sport.

Becoming a Member

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We welcome new members under our Disability Swimming programme, please call us for full details.

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