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OUR CLUB - codes of conduct

As a parent/guardian of a club member we understand you have the right to:

As a parent/guardian of a club member we expect you to:


  1. Make sure your child has the right kit for training and competitions as well as enough food and drink.
  2. Ensure your child arrives to sessions on time and is picked up promptly.
  3. Inform us if you’re running late to collect your child or if your child is going home with someone else.
  4. Complete all consent, contact and medical forms and update us straight away if anything changes.
  5. Maintain a good relationship with your child’s coach or teacher.
  6. Tell us if you wish to talk to us about any concerns regarding your child. We will arrange a mutually convenient time so you can talk to us.
  7. Do Not enter poolside or interrupt training or competitions unless in an emergency situation.


  1. Remember that children get a wide range of benefits from participating in one of our sports, like making friends, getting exercise and developing skills. It’s not all about wins and losses.
  2. Behave positively as a spectator at training or competitions and treat others with respect.
  3. Give encouragement to your child and tell them when they’ve done well and provide support when they are struggling.
  4. Respect and celebrate difference in our club or activity and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, faith or ability.
  5. Respect the children and adults competing for other teams at competitions.
  6. Respect the committee members, coaching and teaching team and all volunteer helpers at the club.
  7. Understand that the use of abusive or inappropriate language, bullying, physical violence or any other behaviour which hurts others will not be tolerated by the club.
  8. Understand that poor behaviour may result in the club taking disciplinary action against you. Any behaviour which alleges a criminal offence will be reported to police by the club.
  9. Talk to your child and ensure they understand the rules of the club and the sport.
  10. Ensure your child understands their Code of Conduct.


Breaches of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action being taken against you by the club committee. Continued issues and repeated breaches may result in parents/ guardians being asked not to attend the club, something we never want to do.

If you wish to download a PDF of this Code of Conduct, select the image >

Code of conduct for parents or guardians.pdf