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Membership information

The swimming club is primarily a competitive swimming club, but our aim is to teach swimming and all aspects of the sport.

The membership is made up of all ages from six to seventy years and beyond!.

The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Generally, children swim between 6.00pm and 8.45pm, depending on age and ability, and adults swim from 8.45pm to 9.30pm. See the table inside for a complete guide to swimming times and training fees.

The Junior and Senior squads compete at all levels and also compete in a variety of leagues. Swimmers are graded across the pool, using standards similar to the ASA Water Skills awards series, as well as through other criteria (Graded Galas).

There is an annual membership fee as well as monthly training fees. It is important to read the club notice board regularly for news about competitions as well as social events.

Swimmers are expected to compete when selected by the club coaching staff.

The club is able to supply a selection of club merchandise; Hats, poolside T-bag shirts and holdalls and tracksuits are available from the desk.

The club could not exist without our band of volunteer committee members, who will be only too happy to help with any enquiries. The club is also happy to hear from anyone who is willing to give up a little of their time to help run the club.

We are a friendly, well-respected club who expect its members to behave in a proper manner.

Any member found discrediting the club in any way or who commits any act of verbal abuse or foul language or who commits any act of physical, verbal or psychological abuse will be asked to leave the club. All members are expected to take all reasonable care of the club’s equipment – anyone caught damaging such equipment will be expected to pay for its replacement.

Coaching Staff

The club’s coaches and teaching staff are dedicated to providing all our swimmers with the best tuition possible.

They give up large amounts of their own time to be at pool side, so please make the most of the facilities available, especially early morning training sessions.

Always pay attention and listen carefully during training as this is for your own benefit and safety – as well as for the safety of others. If you feel that you have been the victim of bullying or abuse at the club, please contact the club’s Welfare Officer, who is there to act on your behalf.

What to pack in your bag

Each time you come swimming there are items that you should always bring.

Always bring to training: trunks/costume;goggles (plus a spare pair); towel; club swim hat and; a drink (never in a glass or disposable water bottle).

If attending competitions, you should also bring (additional to above) an extra towel and a club T-bag shirt. It is also a good idea to bring a bin liner to put your bag in, as poolsides are often extremely wet places with so many swimmers in one area.

Sometimes you might need other items for training and these can include: hand paddles; kick fins; old t-shirt. You might also want your own kick board and pull buoy.

Never eat or bring food onto poolside on training nights.


Changing areas

Swimmers must stay in the changing areas until fully dressed. They are not permitted to wander round the rest of the centre in swimsuits, especially after swimming, as this can make the floors wet. Swimmers are NOT permitted to shower in the cleansing area leading to the pool.




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2021 Membership Form

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