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An annual club membership fee (individual or family) is payable in January. Club membership includes ASA registration (Category 1 non-competitive and Category 2 competitive as appropriate) and insurance. A copy of the club’s insurance certificate is displayed on the Club’s notice board.

Annual club membership: £35 individual membership -  £90 family membership

Monthly training fees must be paid promptly at the beginning of each month, preferably by Standing Order. All Club Committee members are unpaid volunteers, here to help run the club for you. You can make their jobs easier by ensuring that monthly fees are paid up to date and on time.

You may lose your place if club fees are not paid on time.

The Table below shows the monthly Fees which are payable by Standing Order -

Novice Small Pool

Novice Small Pool



Eddie's Squad

Junior Squad

Senior Squad




Swims per


1 night

2 nights

Once/Twice Tues or Thurs


2 nights

+ Sat am

+ 1 morn

2 nights

+ 2 morn

+ Sun eve

(by invite only)

3 nights

+ 4 morn

1 Swim

2 Swims +

All Swims

Standing Order











Note -

ONCE a week swim fees only apply for NOVICE/IMPROVER swimmers.

FAMILY fees are applicable to direct family members only.  Therefore, parents and their children are covered by these fees, but cousins, aunts, uncles etc are not.   For further clarification, please contact the RADS Desk or email the Club Secretary

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During the Coronavirus Pandemic, please refer to the HOME page where you will find a link to a viewable and/or downloadable PDF file which shows the current Fees for applicable Members